Lovers Iimono Mitsuketa

Lovers Iimono Mitsuketa

The boys take turns fucking her pussy and mouth again and again until one of them screams ” IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT YOU FUCKING SLUT? ” and he moans as he cums deep inside her pussy, the other brother rams his cock inside her cunt and after a few hard pumps he screams ” TAKE IT YOU FILTHY CUNT ” and he shoots his load into her womb. Click here to continue In this one my original idea was much, much darker having her 2 boys taking advantage of the situation, fucking her even when she did not want to and prostituting her to all their friends as Christina, please let me know if you like the above version or if you would have prefered the darker version, thank you in advance.

Hentai: [Himeno Mikan] Iimono Mitsuketa (COMIC LO 2015-01) [Chinese] [CMD.EXE]

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[姫野蜜柑]いいものみ~つけた♪(COMIC LO 2015年1月号) [中国翻訳]

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