Colegiala Hatsukoi Temptation

Colegiala Hatsukoi Temptation

If i wanted to fuck you, i woulda done that the first time i met you. [Right Away (Sakai Minato)] Satori-shiki Pet No… I breathed through my nose, and didn't come up on time.

Hentai: [human] Hatsukoi temptation (COMIC Megastore 2010-02) [English] =Team Vanilla=

Hatsukoi temptation 1Hatsukoi temptation 2Hatsukoi temptation 3Hatsukoi temptation 4Hatsukoi temptation 5Hatsukoi temptation 6Hatsukoi temptation 7Hatsukoi temptation 8Hatsukoi temptation 9Hatsukoi temptation 10Hatsukoi temptation 11Hatsukoi temptation 12Hatsukoi temptation 13Hatsukoi temptation 14Hatsukoi temptation 15Hatsukoi temptation 16Hatsukoi temptation 17Hatsukoi temptation 18Hatsukoi temptation 19Hatsukoi temptation 20

[human]初恋 temptation(コミックメガストア 2010年2月号) [英訳]

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