Gay Outinpublic Grandfather Love ~ I Become A Toy Of A Naughty Cousin Of The Night ~ Free CG Orgame

Gay Outinpublic Grandfather Love ~ I Become A Toy Of A Naughty Cousin Of The Night ~ Free CG Orgame

I am looking forward to my next cruise. Find out more The Cruise
Chapter 4
it was two days later on a trip around Visby near Sweden that I met Sara and Jess they were from England and were obviously “together!” Sara was 20 and about 5'9″ and very attractive with long jet black hair a thin waist and large boobs Jess was 19 about 6' tall and with long ginger hair she had small boobs but very long shapely legs she too was very attractive they asked me to take some photos of them together in front if a church after that they took some photos of me and for me on my camera
they seemed to photograph everything we sat together for the provided lunch at a small cafe
Jess asked me if I minded the fact that they were gay I said no my motto was live and let live we had two bottles of wine with lunch and were a little tipsy especially Jess, Sara tried to calm her as she got louder and more inhibited she said to Sara quite loudly let's get naked and make love in the street Sara just shook her head and apologised to me looking rather embarrassed I just said go for it so long as I can watch both girls giggled we headed back to the ship we decided to go to a bar and have a few more drinks when I returned from a well needed trip to the bathroom Sara was whispering on Jess' ear and Jess was nodding I sat down and said what's the secret? Well said Sara we have a little issue we'd like you to help with if your game
I was now intrigued Sara continued I had a boyfriend when I was 15 and we had great sex then I experimented with girls and was bi for a while now I'm only with Jess she could see the puzzled expression on my face bear with me she said now Jess has only ever been with me and is still a virgin I glanced at Jess who was bright red you see she continued I'd like to use dildos in the bedroom when we're having fun but Jess doesn't want to lose her cherry to a plastic toy so until she does loose her cherry I can only use my tongue and fingers so we were wondering if you would help us out?
Me I said a little stunned you want me to take your lesbian lovers virginity?
Yep that's right they said in unison
oh don't worry said Sara you will get to have me too and that show we mentioned earlier, when is all this to happen? I added well said Jess there is no time like the present we finished our drinks and made our way to the girls cabin once inside I sat on the edge of the bed and they stood in the centre of the room they started kissing very passionately Sara pulled up Jess' short skirt and started squeezing her arse she then raised her hands and started unbuttoning Jess' blouse she then pushed it off her shoulders Jess wasn't wearing a bra she had small tits possibly only A cup but huge erect nipples, all the time passionately kissing Sara then lowered her head kissing her neck then she began licking Jess' nipples, Jess then began to pull Sara's t shirt over her head then she began to undo Sara's bra and let it drop to the floor, Sara had much bigger breasts possibly a C or D cup Jess started cupping and squeezing Sara's ample bust Sara undid Jess' belt and skirt and pushed it down then peeled her skimpy knickers down she then went back to kissing her passionately Jess undid Sara's cropped denim shorts and pushed them down Sara wasn't wearing any knickers they hugged and kissed both running their hands all over each other Sara leaned forward and whispered something into Jess' ear she nodded and laughed they both then turned to me and Jess said are you enjoying the show I nodded and smiled I noticed that both girls were clean shaven and had glistening wet pussies
it's your turn to strip said Sara ok I said and pulled my shirt off then unfastened my jeans and pushed then off I’ll do your boxers said Sara she knelt down in front of me and pulled them down my semi hard cock sprang up and Jess who was staring intently gasped nice cock said Sara completely removing my boxers she took hold of my cock and started stroking it slowly Jess came over and knelt beside Sara it's so big said Jess it won't fit in my pussy! Yes it will Sara said with a smile I'll show you how it goes in I'll give it a go first but we need to make him cum first so he can last longer the second time so I think a blow job is the first thing I agreed with a smile Sara lowered her head and started licking the full length of my now very hard 8″ cock she then took the head in her mouth and slurping began to suck it Jess watched with a look of awe on her face I said would you like a go Jess looked unsure but said yes Sara moved and Jess licked the tip then took it in her mouth soon she was sucking like a pro with Sara giving instructions and demonstrating different techniques I was struggling not to cum too soon Sara noticed this and said she had better take over as he's about to cum No protested Jess if she was going to lose her cherry then she wanted it all the whole experience and then returned to her sucking I could hold on no longer and started shooting my load of cum in her mouth Jess had quite a surprised look on her face Sara laughed kiss me with it in your mouth she said and both naked girls started kissing, they were swapping my cum back and forth for quite a while then when Sara had some on her tongue she showed me and then swallowed it Jess watched and then did the same I liked that she said let's suck him off again no said Sara it's time to get you ready she pushed Jess flat on the bed and spread her legs wide apart she then started licking at her wet pussy she used her fingers and pulled her pussy lips apart and said to me look at this I joined her on the floor you could see Jess' hymen inside her wet pink pussy I was now rock hard again Sara licked Jess' pussy making her very wet she was moaning and trembling as she orgasmed again
Sara looked at me and said she's ready I positioned myself between her thighs and stroked the tip if my cock up and down her wet slit are you ready I said Jess just nodded staring back with large eyes I started pushing my cock in I felt it stretch the opening of her pussy then it pressed against her hymen Sara was sat at the side playing with jess' nipples and stroking Her clit Sara said just do it I pushed hard in a single stroke it tore past her virginity Jess gasped and tensed I then waited for her to relax with about 5″ in her a few seconds later she relaxed and I started stroking in and out gradually going further in each time until I had all 8″ in her tight pussy Sara reached down between us and started stroking her clit while she kissed her Jess came again very hard I started stoking my full length in and out Jess was getting into it I could feel my orgasm building I pulled it out of jess' tight pussy with a slurp stroked my cock I shot hot cum all over her stomach Sara started licking it off her and kissing her with it in her mouth Sara then grabbed my cock and began sucking on it and squeezing my balls Jess then joined in and they took it in turns once I was fully erect Sara said now it’s my turn she got on all fours and looked back at me fuck me hard I entered her in one stroke she gasped as it stretched her wet pussy Jess knelt at the side of me watching me pound Sara's pussy she then started pushing a wet finger into Sara's puckered little ass hole Sara moaned Jess said to me will your cock fit in here? Because Sara always wants my fingers in her ass we can try I said I pulled out and pressed the hard end of my cock against her tight ass hole Sara panicked a little but Jess just said it won't be worse than what I've just done I’ve lost my virginity now you’re going to lose your anal virginity I started to push it in and she relaxed a little as it started to slide in it stopped when I hit her muscle Jess had reached round and was furiously rubbing Sara's clit Sara has a massive orgasm her whole body went rigid then she relaxed and I pushed passed her muscle with a pop and she screamed and had another orgasm I began to pump in and out of her virgin ass Jess was staring intently “I want a go at that” she said and she got onto all fours at the side of Sara I pulled my cock out of Sara's ass and she spun round and took it into her mouth she sucked on it taking it deep down her throat I then knelt behind Jess with Sara guiding my cock to her pussy in one stroke I pushed all 8″ into jess' tight pussy she let out a shriek I pounded her pussy hard until she came I then pulled it out and pressed it against her virgin ass hole she was a little tense Sara grabbed my cock and started pushing it into Jess' tight ass hole fuck it hard like you fucked mine I grabbed her hips and pushed the full length in she screamed and came so hard she almost blacked out Sara sat in front Jess and spread her legs wide Jess started lapping at her wet pussy and pushing fingers both her holes after a few minutes I could hold on no longer and filled Jess' tight ass with spurt after spurt of hot come she then sat over Sara's mouth and emptied most of from her ass into her mouth both girls them swapped the hot cum between their mouths several times before swallowing it they then laid tougher kissing and stroking each other to more orgasms whilst I watched and stroked my cock back into life until I came over the girls faces while they were kissing each other they then lapped it up and played with each other we all ended up in the same bed all night stroking licking sucking and fucking I left for my cabin in the early hours it was time to depart the ship…….

Hentai: Grandfather Love ~ I become a toy of a naughty cousin of the night ~ Free CG

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